Thursday, 10 February 2011

Activity Groups

Great new friendships have been formed and we are all delighted with the children's ability to mix socially in Activity Groups and in dormitories. Happy campers.

Group One
Ben D, Euan H, Tomas, Andrew, Caleb W, Rowan, Laura, Holly, Sana, Ellie

Group Two
Lewis P, Taran, Finlay, Ben S, Caleb B, Peter, Angus, Yuan, Murrin, Jasmin

Group Three
Ferdinand, Adam G, Rabin, Jonathan, Callum, Aleena, Daphne, Yu Ning, Morven

Group Four

Humzah, Adam M, Joe, Ruaridh, David, Lewis, Isla, Asiya, Milly, Megan

Group Five
Euan A, Kevin, Charlie, Luca, Tom, Daniel, India, Myaha, Beth, Aisuna

Group Six
Shehar-Yar, Varnit, Liam, Eesa, Struan, Alexander, Jamie, Hazel, Anouk

Group Seven
Kamran, Sam, Aidan, Owen, Jack, Rameen, Hannah, Tabitha, Emily H, Ellis

Group Eight
Waqar, Javahl, Sean, Thor, Leon, Max, Flora, Emily E, Lois, Isis

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