Thursday, 3 February 2011

Information for Parents and Carers

P6 pupils will set off for Benmore Outdoor Education Centre on Monday 7th February around 10am. A clothing list can be found in the Benmore booklet and we have issued an additional copy on A4. Old and warm clothing is best, with layers of clothes recommended. Labelling all items of clothing is extremely helpful and we would advise packing plenty of old socks.

Thank you for your support in signing our Behaviour Contract. Please impress upon your children the seriousness of any rule breaking at school camp.

A table for each class will be set up in the Gym Hall on Monday morning. Please drop off luggage behind the table and then wait outside in the playground. From 9am, pupils can register that they have arrived in school – and give the class teacher any medication - before going back out into the playground.

If your child is on medication and can self- administer, they may do so. We recommend pupils carry any blue inhalers on their person, though a spare may be handed to the class teacher. If it is appropriate for Sciennes staff to administer medication, please complete the tear off slip below and place it with the medication in a sealed plastic bag. Remember to include any travel sickness medication for the return journey.

All children should have visited the toilet before coming back into the Hall at 9.30am.

£5.00 spending money is adequate and we would suggest a maximum of £10.00. Money should be looked after by your child in a named purse or wallet. Loose change is best. Pupils must take responsibility for any valuables you decide they may bring (such as cameras or MP3 players). Pupils should not bring mobile phones.

We will gather in the Hall at 9.30am until the buses arrive. (Parents are kindly requested to wait outside to ease congestion.) Pupils will then carry their own luggage and board the buses one class at a time. Suitcases will be placed in the hold and cannot be accessed until we reach Benmore, so pupils must make sure they take a day bag with packed lunch, snack and drink onto the bus.

When pupils get on the bus, Sciennes’ staff will help stow jackets and day bags and check seat belts are fastened correctly. Families are welcome to wait to wave us off around 10am.

We will use this blog to update families on our adventures.Please feel welcome to add comments though anticipate a delay because they will be moderated before being published.
A paper copy of the blog will be posted daily at Reception.

We expect to return to Sciennes around 12.30pm on Friday 11th February.  If there is any significant change to the expected arrival time then school will send a text message to all parents.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Lucy Gallagher
Acting Depute Head Teacher

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